Monday, July 11, 2011

Somali catastrophe 'largely unnoticed'
"Drought in the Horn of Africa is deepening after the failure of annual rains, and the UN estimates that more than 14.5 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance."

We are living in the year of 2011, a society where the modernistic western world is bordering countries where people live in a completely different age. You have people living as they did in the stone age, middle-age, cave men/hunting and gathering times, the renaissance, the antique years as well as the modern, privileged industrial world. We are living the whole world history right now and that is why we have to help each other to deal with the modernistic predator society--> a world where catastrophes, wars, hunger and extinction occurs everyday.WE have to help and act now.. Make a difference in these 10 million Somali lives today by contacting an organization and donation a small sum of money. If you cannot help on a big scale then a small scale donation is  as valuable.
It is vital that we help create a relationship where both parties are equal and valuable

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