Friday, July 22, 2011

Am I too tall or you too small?

How often do you appreciate the small things in life?
I mean the really small things.. I never really liked small things (because I've always been a very tall girl), and small things just made me seem taller and abnormal. When I was a kid (a tall kid) and I went to riding school I always had to ride the darn Shetlands pony. Why me? Why could they not just pick the short girl to ride the pony, so i did not have to sit on a "horse" where my legs reached the ground the entire time? And you saw my boot tracks as well as the horse tracks! I tell you I did not feel very high on my horse at that time, and I could not appreciate something that small for a long time. And that is when I started chasing the big things, the big joys, the big heights and experiences, and I forgot to see and understand the importance of the small things in life.. Whether it is a SHetlands pony, silence, walking in nature, sitting by a lake fishing, spontaneity and just being. Africa brought that back to me, and today I could meet a Shetlands pony without feeling that he was too small or me being too tall. We were the same, and I loved it. Because in the end no one is bigger then themselves and thats why the giant can meet the pony and say: Hi mate=)

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