Sunday, July 31, 2011

5 things you must do everyday!

You should take a good look around to notice the small wonders
 You should feel the wind on your skin, because then you know you are alive.
      And you should taste all aspects of life. The ugly might taste better then the beautiful.

Pippi long-stocking is in Sweden doing yoga!

When I was a kid I never spent so much as a second inside.. I was always outside in nature, and I would bring all the activities that I usually liked doing inside outside. I would dance outside, draw outside, shoot with a slingshot on my neighbors outside, create new worlds and imaginary people outside.. There was no limitation in all the possible things one could create and do, because outside there is no walls, no rooms, no roof, it is a place where you can run, dance, stretch, cry, laugh and without bothering anyone. The only thing that will answer you is the echos of your voice, and this way you also get all the answers that you want. if you listen carefully. Bring the child in you outside today, and do an activity outside that you would normally do inside. You will experience the difference in space.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Animals and people together for Norway!

Its has now been a little over a week since the tragic events occurred in Norway, the media is still busy typing and writing new headlines regarding the guilty party and the stories of the victims, and we are feeding and reading about this everyday. But what about the people of our world and how all this affected us? I think it is time for reflection and thought. What have we learned and how do we move forward? From all the challenge we learned to recognize support, from all the hate we have learned to love, from all the separation, we have learned to stand together and from all the loss we have learned to love to live together. We are one, we belong to each other and through each other we learn about our selves. We have learned to not pretend, and to be real and that is why the animals also stand behind us today. Animals and people stand together for survival, for loving one another. We know now that that we are more than what we have become, and that our role is to find our place in the circle of life

Ibsens Nora in Nature

I travelled to the Koster Island not as myself but as Ibsens Nora. In this scene she is about to leave her husband Torvald. For Nora it is a moment of speaking the naked word (maybe losing herself forever), so what better place then an naked island

Friday, July 29, 2011

The organic Green Island of Koster.

In the middle of the sea to the west of Strömstad in Sweden lies the Koster Islands.The Islands are 100% car free, has amazing bird life and  is now preserved as a spectacular marine nature reserve. One of the few places in the western world that is pollution free, and where people still live like the old Ingmar Bergman movies. If you want to see and experience the island you have to walk or rent a bicycle. It is a place of silence, a place for relaxation, a place to breathe and be creative/ mental. I went here to literally act out, and work on a new acting performance, and what better place then an island where people don't care about who you are or where your from. On the Koster Island they live for the sun, the presence and not for compering with other people. Love, live and be loco on the Koster Islands.

Heading east to cross a boarder!

This summer has been all about getting back to my roots. You see I chose to become a citizen of the world when I was 15 by traveling and living in Nyc, Paris and Africa. And somewhere along the way the viking was only kept up to date by my stereotype norwegian appearance, not by me feeling norwegian at all. I had to travel roads I had not traveled since I was 5, and even though the animals I came over were less exotic, I found back to the norwegian being that is me. I am Aleks and  I'm a Viking ( not the viking physical build off course,  cause then I would be sissy version). I love where I'm from and I love where I'm going--> my Africa. Cause hey! if you love lions you must also love pigs. Next stop and next lesson: the paradise of the Koster Islands in Sweden where I will learn to love my neighbors.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't be ashamed to be a tree hugger!

Don't be ashamed to be a tree hugger. You should love all trees, for we are dependent on them. They are our source of oxygen.. They make sure our air is recycled and ready to be sucked into our lungs. The trees sustain life on earth. We should thank them.The trees however will manage to grow without us, they don't need our help to stretch high, to blossom or to leave behind a seed to copy itself in the pure and genuine mold. They can manage all by themselves.. But they need us to love them and be thankful for the energy that they symbolize, cause whilst humans could create many things from a tree in a short time, the tree takes a very long time to replace one of it's missing family members. Hug a tree today and make sure it's a proper one. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

snow in July?

Most places in the world would sound the alarm if it ever snowed in july.. And think that the end is near and that global warming has taking over. On the mountain tops of Norway however it is a very common thing. This was my first meeting with my old friend SNOW after two years of living in Africa not having a typical white x-mas. So i took the opportunity since im here on vacation anyway, to experience a white summer. And oh man i was happy to see some snow, which is quite an ironic thing actually since snow only makes you cold, wet and gives you bruises if you fall. It's a destructive friendship, but I do love snow! This is again a lesson in human behavior we don't appreciate what we have when we have it, but we miss it and want it when is gone.

The Norwegian answer to the African San People.

Far up in the mountains of Hadangervidda in Norway, where the nature is ruling with its extream beauty and attitude lives an etnihc group of people called the Sami People. The Sami people also called, Samer, is the artic indigenous people of Norway. They are a semi nomadic people that still live in a hunting and gathering community in the year of 2011. They live side by side with animals in the kingdom of Nature, and that is why I like the idea of them being the norwegian answer to the African tirbe called San ( I have written about them in an earlier post). The sami people have met great oposition, been chased ,disrespected and people have through the history of time attempted to rob them of their culture and force them in to adapting to the so called ”correct” society. But they have fought back with all the forces of their origin, and today most of them are still living in their way with a pocket full of beutiful culture and survival instinct. I hope the same for the San people, and that we except the people that choose to live where no one would believe that anyone could live.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Giants of the city and Odda the village of giants.

When we think about a big city we immidiately associate it with being a place of power, sucess, wealth, fast moving giants. We think of the creatures of a city as an efficient specie, the modernistic predators that  chooses a target and is able to accomplish and take over that target within seconds. They know how to get things done. And then as a contrary you have the village in Norway of Odda. Another place where no one would believe that anyone could live, and where no one would believe that anything could be done. Odda a place in the very corner of the fjords, in a vally ditch of incredible mountains,  under a cealing  of fog. A place built around the structure of their main business- a factory producing Titan and iron, as well as a Iron Melting Furnace Manufacture. A village that has grown to be a city of giants. You see.. because of the life created under the ceiling of fog and metal production there came to be extraordinary creatures. Creatures of love, poetry, creativity, and conservation of human rights.. Creatures like Frode Grytten, Claes Gill and Elin Myran. Odda a place where no one would believe that anyone could live.. But people do live there.. in simplicity, and they have grown to be giants.

Where no one would believe that anyone could live.

Yesterday I started a spontanious ”expedition” towards the west coast of Norway to explore the different societies and habitats that people have adapted to in the wild Norwegian vegitation.
The road was slightly rustic and shaped as a zig zag pattern across the mountains, and when i finally reached the top of the first mountain, it felt as though I had just walked off the spinning teacup carrusel. Carsick? Oh yes.
I quickly got over my carsickness when I saw what I had entered.. I had entered a foggy nomans land above the clouds with a lonely fjord surrounded by snow covered mountains where little white dots were grassing. And I thought to myself: -Here lives noone? Wrooooong.. here lives someone. Like animals in nature we have learned to adapt, prefere and love certain habitats. Some people live in a city and believe that you can take the man out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the man, Whilst others live in a nomans land like the one i came over today, and they believe that you can’t take man out of nature because nature is apart of man. No one is right or wrong.
Some animals live in the desert, some live in icey surroundings, some live in the bush and some live in water, some live with others and some live alone. Animals are as beutiful people as us. They live nowhere and everywhere, with noone or everyone. We are nature. Stay tunes for more norwegian habitats as i travel through the places where noone would believe that anyone could live.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spread some love today

After a tough weekend in Norway, it is time to spread some love and compassion and to reunite. Give a hug today, blow a kiss at someone, give love today, have dinner with friends or family, write down your thoughts today,"All sorrows can be borne if you can put them into a story."
— Karen Blixen   

Write Your Story today!
Say thank you and be grateful today.. for a life so precious..

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lets Stand together

Norway has been violated.
Lets stand together.
live in peace together
love together and support each other.
My thoughts go out to all those people that lost their life in the terrible events that invaded Norway yesterday

84 people are confirmed dead! be aware of a strong image

84 people are confirmed dead after the shooting preformed by a Christian fundamentalistic norwegian man by the name Anders Behring Breivik. The police have confirmed that he is the main suspect for both of the tragic incidents that violated the Norwegian country and its people yesterday. The police say they are NOT surprised that the guilty party was an ethic norwegian and not a person with islamic background, because the human being is too complex and can therefore be driven to preform these actions regardless of skin color or religious beliefs. Finally some insight! 
The word Terrorist is a noun
a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism.
a person who terrorizes  or frightens others.

That terrorist can be anyone!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Norwegians are badly injured but our ignorance keeps us from reaching out a hand!

When ignorance keeps us from reaching out a hand!

Norway has been bombed, a political youth event has been invaded with an attack, people are hurt, people are killed and now hospitals are asking for blood donors with the bloodtype 0. But my question is… What can I do when I do not know what bloodtype I have? How can I help?
In Norway you can only know what bloodtype you have if you already dontated blood, have already been in the millitary or if you have been pregnant. So what can the rest of do when we do not belong to this category?
Is it not time we get our bloodtype written into our passports?
Isn’t it time to release the information people need to be able to help each other?
I am now sitting in my house like many other norwegians as the owner of a body that consists of 5 liters of blood, but my ignorance keeps me from helping others to survieve. That to me is pointless.

The Norway explosion!

A big explosion hits Norway today at 15.20, the entire area of the government block was bombed and several people were injured. THe explosion could be heard as thunder all the way to my house which is 20 minutes away from the capital. Later a man dressed up as a police officer and showed up by boat at a political youth event and shot and killed several kids and grownups. Numbers are unknown so far.

What has happened to our world?
When did everything go wrong.? Yes, when you get involved in wars that are not yours by sending soldiers instead of health personnel, when you should have just stood by to help the victims of the war regardless of who is right or wrong.
Let us together show love, there is too much hate. Let us together demonstrate peace, cause there is too much war. Let us together show trust, there is too much distrust. Mahatma Gandhi said once: An eye for and eye ends up making the whole world blind.
Do you want to be blind?

Am I too tall or you too small?

How often do you appreciate the small things in life?
I mean the really small things.. I never really liked small things (because I've always been a very tall girl), and small things just made me seem taller and abnormal. When I was a kid (a tall kid) and I went to riding school I always had to ride the darn Shetlands pony. Why me? Why could they not just pick the short girl to ride the pony, so i did not have to sit on a "horse" where my legs reached the ground the entire time? And you saw my boot tracks as well as the horse tracks! I tell you I did not feel very high on my horse at that time, and I could not appreciate something that small for a long time. And that is when I started chasing the big things, the big joys, the big heights and experiences, and I forgot to see and understand the importance of the small things in life.. Whether it is a SHetlands pony, silence, walking in nature, sitting by a lake fishing, spontaneity and just being. Africa brought that back to me, and today I could meet a Shetlands pony without feeling that he was too small or me being too tall. We were the same, and I loved it. Because in the end no one is bigger then themselves and thats why the giant can meet the pony and say: Hi mate=)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Have you heard about the end of the world?

Have you heard about the end of the world?
Oh relax, I'm not talking about when the world is going under, but I’m talking about a place in Norway called the End of the world. I went there to perform a symbolic act, I went to the end of the world to throw away our worlds symbol of westernization; the coke bottle. Modernization is crawling into the deepest jungle, forest, desert and bush and I think its time we stop and think for a second, and start to appreciate that we are living in different ages and cultures in the year of 2011, and that that is okay too. The one society does not exist without the other, so lets stop changing and stealing from each other. Who are we to introduce materialistic envy to a continent that never cared about things or possession, never cared about time or fame? I want to tell you about the oldest tribe in Africa, the endangered San people. The San people live as one with nature. They do not own time, stress or the need for possession, for them it’s not about the future and all the things one can achieve. For them it is about the community, survival and living in the presence of “NOW”. They still live in a hunting and gathering society in a modern dominated world, they can read nature signs and tracks like we can read our books, and we have so much to learn from this culture and their way of life and living.
The San people are today’s representatives of whom we used to be, a way we lived, a way we used to think, and maybe what we should thing more about and be grateful for.So "throw" a bottle of coke today as a token of protecting and appreciating all the ages that are living side by side in this world.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A farewell To my dear Friend Goeters


I cannot call you mine, because you were not mine.
You saw me,.. And everyone.

I walked beside you

You were not made to belong to someone,
But to fill out the half loved hearts of everyone.

We walked beside you

For the people that saw you, that really saw you
You became a symbol of being real.
You whispered with a purr that we should open up and feel.
Black spots covered your body to teach us to be grateful for the imperfections in ourselves,
A tail that gave us the direction we could steer by.
Two eyes wide open made us feel visible and seen
Two black stripes marked your face to show us that it’s okay to cry,
You, a cheetah that entered everyone and became a part of all of us.
 We walked besides you
But you were not ours
You were not mine

That gift that you gave us was precious and divine

You were not ours
You were not mine

I walked besides you

You were Goeters that entered our hearts and told us to be,
And that is why dear friend
That the memory of you will always roam free.

He walks beside us.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time travelling.

No, I have never travelled back in time with a timemachine. Who needs one, when you can travel without ?
You can do time travelling in your own country or in other countries, you just have to know where to look. Yesterday I travelled no further then to an island in the fjord not far from where i live. Yes, our purpose was to do a survival, but what we came to experience was much more then that. We had found an island, a naked island, stripped for everything that reminds you of the year 2011. We were back to something original, somthing pure and untouched. We felt like Columbus  when entering the shore, and ran around like cavemen to find a place to sleep. At some point I even heard the words  -Ugg ugg!! coming out of my mouth and i got this intense urge to hit my boyfriend in the head with a caveman club. Thats how they expressed love back then you know..

It was us and the island, the island and us and no one else. It was as if we had travelled to paradise and I could run around and eat all of natures fruit and berries, even though a snake warned me not to taste. But I told him to fuck off because this was my moment of seeing,, tasting and understanding the world from the beginning it came to be.  Craving knowledge is not a crime, Mr Snake.

island survival techniques

Do you want to know how you can survive on an island in the Oslo Fjord? then you should check out our island survival video. Get back to your natural instinct and experience the beauty and importance of the saying LESS IS MORE:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My lion away from Africa

What does is mean to miss something?  I don't think there is any such thing as missing, because we have everything always around us.. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and you get the experience that they say something in the exact same way as your friend or brother or mother would say it? or make a face that only your best friend would make? and suddenly they do not seem so far away anymore.. it is as if they just happened to pop up in an other person for a split second to say hello.  My dog maximus reminds me everyday about the lions in africa.. the way he runs, the way he sneaks through the bushes, and the way he greats me with love and understanding. He is my lion away from africa, and suddenly im not so far away from the roaring savanna anymore..