Monday, July 29, 2013

Love living? Love giving!

 DO you love living? Do you love others, nature, wildlife, fashion, music, culture, food, dancing and maybe even you love you? Then maybe you should pass it forward, take a step and donate too?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Are you apart of the tribe?

Are you apart of the tribe? A tribe is  a large number of persons or animals which in previous times either  share a common ancestry and culture and among whom leadership is typically neither formalized or permanent.  Culture is the colors of our world, colors of diversity that teach us about how much we still have to discover and learn. When we travel to relax and experience we travel like a white t-shirt going through a tie-dye to unravel the potential of something. And then we grow! But sometimes we do not realize the value of cultures and diversity before it is too late. And years and year after a culture has disappeared we collect inspiration from the culture and make art, music or a fashion trend. Why do we always have to see something vanish before we see the value of it? Why do we treat everything like it will stick around forever, and swear at the things about different cultures we do not agree with, instead of thinking about how we can learn from it? 
The San tribe that Nanofasa work for is the people who were and are well adapted to their environment and who, in spite of pressure from outsiders over centuries, have managed to keep their culture reasonably intact in many areas. These survivors bear witness to an incredible ability to adapt against the odds. Small-scale societies like that of the Bushmen have social lessons to teach a world that is becoming increasingly homogenized. Their lifestyle needs to be understood and respected and brought in to a stage making it possible to embrace the old and the new for development..
The biggest trend you can follow is to be sustainable, grateful and care to protect the cultures that paint you with knowledge, creativity, and an open mind. DO not wait for it to be presented in art or in a fashion trend in a century from now! Something does not have to be gone, for it to be hot and fresh.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Must like Dogs!

We as humans have always loved to share our living space with a four legged companion. Be it a cat or a dog or a rabbit. But today I want to talk to all the dog lovers out there about a very special dog, The African Wild Dog. There is an estimated 3000 African wild dogs left in Africa, 2500 of these are already mature individuals, they rank as the second of the continent’s most endangered carnivores.
Their numbers dropped from an estimated 300 000 at the turn of the 20th century to a few thousand today.
 Why? I thought man loved dogs? 
The main threats to African Wild Dogs are conflict with human activities and infectious disease from domesticated dogs.. Both of these are mediated by human expansion and loss of habitat.  People have really been after these dogs for years.  They get shot, hunted, hit by cars purposefully and poisoned. Their latin name can be translated into Painted dog, and that name fits their character much better. 

Wild dogs have altruistic tendencies is their feeding style. Yes, it looks grusome when they bring an animal down. But after a prey animal has been successfully brought down, each pack member is allowed to eat. The feeding scene is a peaceful one, rather than a savage war. Disabled pack members share alongside more able adults, and pups receive regurgitated food from any adult in the pack. This behavior is uncharacteristic of other large carnivores, which often fight over a carcass, hustling with each other for access to food.

We can learn from Wild Dogs in the way they care and share with each other and work together for one fellow goal. And because we still have a lot to learn from them, we should do our very best to protect the areas where they still roam free. Support us in conserving areas for these dogs..

Big catwalk or Big cat wear

There is so many things one can to to start contributing out there. But if you want to help protect the last wild zone in Namibia, big cats and the oldest tribe in Africa- the Khoi San. Then i will give you a few suggestions of how you can help.
But lets start with the 2 easiest ways. you can either donate the steps you do in one day to Nanofasa, and walk the difference 1 step= 1 NOK (0,16 USD$) PRESS DONATE
or you can Wear a Difference to the T, by purchasing a Nanofasa T-shirt for 300 NOK or more if you want 50 Euros includes shipping to foreign country. Contact for t-shirt.

Walk or wear, it up to you!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

What is a Holiday?

If you are on holiday then you should have time to give this a read through. A holiday is a day set aside by custom or by law in which normal activities, especially business or work, are to be reduced. Generally holidays are intended to allow individuals to celebrate or commemorate something of cultural or religious significance. 

But anyways while you are on holiday,then use the time celebrate that you live and  be present in the time that is now. Listen when you are having conversations, breathe when you are in nature, sit down somewhere quiet and think about what role you want to play in this theatre of life. Think about those who does not know what a holiday is, think about those that only focus on making it through today, think about how privileged you are who can lay still on a beach, with out a single worry other then licking the sun, Think about the sand underneath your body and what it is made of, think about why thunder sometimes happen after a very hot day, think about why rain is important for your existence (if it rains one day that is). And when you are chatting to your friends about the fact that there is not enough holiday, then think about how you can fill your life with things that are inspiring and not only motivating. There is a difference between saying: If i make it through this fall at work then I can buy a car, and saying I wake up every morning because I know I might be small, but the things I do echoes. 

Dance and be amazed of the movement you body can achieve and that people in a different part of the world who lives very different from you can make the same movement.
Laugh, and know that a parrot can also laugh in the same way
Groom your hair with your fingers, and know that a baboon grooms their friends in the same way
Lean your head against someone and know that lions do the same.
Make fire to barbecue hamburgers, and think about the people that make fire only with sticks or flint in 2013.
Think about how lucky you are to be able to share all these similar things with animals and people you do not know, or have seen once on tv or on a postcard. So if you did not go abroad this year, you can also know that you have been traveling in so many of the actions you have done.
Do not close your eyes to find all of this diversity is gone, when you finally get out of the holiday buzz. 
Let this summer not only be about receiving food, sun, fun, good weather, but let it also be about giving back.
if you want to start somewhere then log onto and press Donate! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shoes off!

The shoes had to go off when i walked the last part into town. I have now reached the destination Kristiansand, but this is not a final destination. For Nanofasa this is the beginning, a journey that all of you are invited to join, a journey were you can think big, help build something greater, and where you can take part in conserving diversity for the future generations to come. All you have to do is donate what fits your budget or whatever you think sustainability of wildlife, culture and nature is worth. I know we are supposed to thinking that every MAN should live, be and stand for himself. BUT... when there is 7 billion people on this earth living just for themselves, then that sounds like a place out of control. Nanofasa wants at least to encourage you all to ask questions, communicate, see potential in what you can learn in stead of focusing on sharing what you already know.. we can at least try to create an eco-balance amongst us. take a step forward! take a step and leave a track! Go to: press donate

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A notice to notice

I live my life in Africa, as one with nature. Africa was not my past, it is my presence and will always be my future. This is where my heart belongs even though I'm at home in myself. Right now however i'm in Norway walking towards the south and I'm out of Africa, just like Karen Blixen had to leave Africa to  Scandinavia. Sometimes one must return to see further down the road, or in my case walk the road and i have realized that in order to understand nature, you must unite the natural world and the modernistic world, and you have to learn to communicate the modernistic world through the touch of toes on ground, rays of sunlight, soft winds, beating rain and exploding thunder. I just hope people will join me on that journey! I think we are loosing it! But we do not notice in the same way we notice clearly that our phone is gone.

we think war is bad, but we still return to our dinner table to eat fast and then play violent video games.
we think hunger is horrible, but we still throw away food
we think the fact that the rain forrest is disappearing is awful, but we still print for the hell of it.
we think what happened to the indians was bad, but we still watch the same thing happening in a new form to other cultures.
we feel sad about all the things that happened to people in the past, without realizing that the past is taking a new shape.
SO I wonder when the world became so big that we made our life so small.
If we only live for all the small things that we need to do, then we always live in the future, if we live now it requires that we take more responsibility of how we treat everyone and everything now. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

heading for risør

Good morning=) Did not sleep much last night. Too many things on my mind! Yesterday I walked past a place that stuff animals so that people can have them in their house, I walked past a small town where there was only one big house with a pool, whilst the rest of the houses in the area were old and small. I spoke to people that does not care what happens after their death and people that felt helpless because the world is in so much trouble, i also spoke to some girls that wanted to do something, but they were scared that their parents would be disappointed if they did not study business or finance. I spoke to a woman that did not care why I walked, only that a model like me should not be walking this far. I spoke to a man that had dedicated his life to saving people, but that he had realized that we save each other everyday. I spoke to some people that did not want the holiday to be over because then they have to go back to work. I spoke to a child that wanted to know why people do not stop killing animals when they do not eat them, and I could not answer him with a final answer but i gave it a go..  So to sum this up. Yes, we are living very different lives and we have different worries, but all of this exist in the same space, so we live with them. But all things that seem chaotic and apart, is easier to understand and do something about if we all play a role in each others lives. This ecobalance where everyone plays a role is what Nanofasa is all about.  So if you do not know what to do, but this makes sense then donate, if you don't know where to start then donate, if you dont have an answer for why you don't care about what happens, then donate and start caring! luckily i have a long walk to think about all of this. Give it some time and think about it

Woman makes fire!

Woman MAKES FIRE! Would you survive? in our world today we talk about the concept: every man for himself! - we answer each other by saying : I don't know what your plans are, but this is MY plan or I think and I believe. ...... We have forgotten about how small we are and that we can only be great together. Today everything moves fast forward. New technology appears every instant, but are we able to keep up with out loosing concept of what is important? How can we stand behind technology (which is communication), if we have forgotten how to communicate and follow through with knowledge exchange? what happens if electricity and water access disappear for a few weeks? would we be fit for survival? or fit to work together towards a fellow goal? or would we fight each other to save ourselves? Are you a survivor that is willing to produce and consume or are you just a consumer?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Big Catwalk in the Media

Nanofasa Bigcatwalk media!

I started yesterday at 15.00 and I have now walked to Tønsberg! But remember even though it is great with press. I is not about what I can do or what I'm doing, but it is about sustainability and conserving ecosystems amongst people, animals and nature so that it can last for generations to come.

Support Nanofasa and press donate.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stylemag & Nanofasa

Stylemag from the catwalk to Africa! Just landed in Norway and today in a few hours the BIGcatwalk begins! Supporting each other through big and small, creates great wave movements! Catch the wave and join me!

Support my first steps if you want:

For Norway Nanofasa kontonr: 1503 25 32346
For International supporter:
Bank DNB
IBAN NO87 1503 2532 346

Monday, July 8, 2013

Catch me before its too late!

Once there was a time where the white man ventured out to conquer the world, a mission to wipe out the colors of the world with a simple blend of bleach.

There was a never a question of who was the original people, it was a question of how can we take over this land and these resources in the fastest possible way.

The Indians who never believed that land belonged to anyone became the victim of the people that believed the land should belong to someone.
Which is again a typical demonstration of how oppositions attract each other. But was there ever a balance achieved?

I’m  sure there was, but the question is could it have been done better?
Maybe not, but now we are sitting with the facts of history and we are still on the verge of a massive mismanagement of land, nature and resources.

So why not take the time to discuss it!

I have seen children at the age of five years old sniff glue, to forget that they are hungry.
I have heard children laugh at their elders after the two years they were spent at a school, where they learnt to dream about greatness our part of the world and of becoming a David Beckham.. They also learnt about how un-evolved they were as a tribe and the downfall of continuing to be a traditional Khoi SAN.. And because they are stuck between two worlds they pick up a bottle of spirits to drink away the space they feel so lost in.
I have touched hands that were too small carry a life with so much challenge.
I have smelled the carcass of a cheetah that was hit by a car, because someone did not think it deserved the right to cross the streets.

Now if we have contact with our senses, then we have the ability to touch, see, smell, hear and taste.
So do you like the smell this development?
DO you like the taste of the SAME and not the different?
Do you like to listen to the noise that shouts over silence
Would you be willing to live with non existent touch the untouchables?
Or do you want to keep learning and keep growing? 

What do you want your children to smell, touch, see, feel, listen to and taste?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Drammens tidene om Big catwalk

Les artikkelen i Drammens tidene om Foredraget på Z og Big catwalken! Husk på kom den 10 juli til Z i Drammen og ikke glem å meld dere på aktiviterer til Nanofasa Big CATWALKING FESTIVAL!
Ha en fin kveld=)



Thursday, July 4, 2013

To score or not to score?

Its interesting how we all have goals we want to reach and achievements we want to obtain. Sometimes our focus becomes so much on the goal it self that we forget the journey there.
When we go on a on vacation.. the vacation does not start until we have reached the destination..we drive on highways to reach our destination faster, and there is nothing about that that makes it feel like a journey. Instead of choosing a slower route with more beauty and challenges so that we can begin our journey when we leave our house.. if we do this our vacation lasts longer or at least feels like it and on this travel we learn to grow closer in what we share on the way.

Now a village cheif in Botswana once told me that you can only score a goal if you have played the game, fallen hard, passed to your fellow mates, ran the hardest route and called for help.
So if we work together, play together, support each other and travel the more difficult routes together we will see beauty and potential in the world, in relations, in journeys and even this norwegian summer weather. join me in traveling on a road where everything is on the way and not in the way. Cause only then we see that the goal was reached already when we left.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Golden arrow

In our world today we are dealing with many different concepts of what SAME is. We like doing our routines the same way as always, we like to brush our teeth in the same way, exercise in the same way, eat the same as the person you are dining out with. some of us buy similar things and some of us buy the things that are same same but different.

But even though we do a lot of things in the same way we are also different. We live in different climates, cultures, believe in different religions and politics, we listen to different music and laugh differently. But there are something that are very difficult to explain if we keep separating ourselves from everyone and everything else. I can never explain a Khoi San that a golden arrow (that looks like their wooden version) in a wall is art and that it probably costs more then what a hundred villages can live from for a year. In the today society of 2013, we are living in different ages side-by-side and bordering countries where people live in a completely different age then us. There are people living as they did in the Stone Age, middle ages, cave men/hunting and gathering times, the renaissance, the antique years as well as the modern, privileged industrial world all at the same time. Its a massive privilege, and with this privilege we need to see our world with new eyes, as a place where we can learn from each other and protect and challenge each other. 
Is it so wrong to be the same, if we still know that we are different? Support Nanofasa with steps today if you want to be same and different

BIG CAT WALK artikkel