Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baboons teach us many lessons in life. They teach us to play, to scream to be unpredictable. They show us that its okay to lean on others and cling on when you are scared. They teach us to forget our ego and walk blindfolded and strong towards things we never dared. They show us love, but also never to pretend. Be who you are and you get a baboon friend.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Draw the line?

Why do we always draw the line? When we grow up we stop doing many of the things that we used to do and enjoy as kids. Its is as if we forget who we once were, and what we are capable of creating by just allowing the imagination to run free. Let us not draw the line, but rather explore the line of child and adult.. and why we all started thinking growing up has its cost.. I think that is where we all got lost


What are you thinking about? What do you see?
                                    What is you life all about? do you feel free?
Running    Flying      Landing     Trying  Failing succeeding and then destroying
Where is your direction?
                                      How did you find it?
Do you think when you walk or just when you sit?
                                I feel sometimes like I know nothing
                                Your eyes carries stories of everything.
Tell me your secrets
                                How you hunt?
Succeed and Fail?
                            Survive      NIGHT & DAY?
It is because you know that everything and nothing must conquer life with PLAY