Friday, September 28, 2012

Fashion sale Vestkanttorget Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the final day I will sell at Vestkant torget this time around.!
So if you want to buy Vintage designer clothes or San Jewelry to support a Nature Reserve then you must run and buy tomorrow. I hope to see many of you there! Peace Aleksandra

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Black & White

Black or white
Good or Bad
I wonder sometimes. What if we only had the possibility to see in black and white? What if we saw no color? Would we then be so obsessed with defining and separating the one from the other, or would we start seeing everything as a whole? Would we then become either or? or would we become everything and see everything as a part of ourselves.
Lions cannot percieve any color. The eyes are proportionally larger than in comparable-sized animals and have round pupils.
A reflective coating at the back of the eye reflects even moonlight, making their eyes appear to glow red in the dark. The coating gives lions sight eight times better than a human at night. A white circle below the eye helps reflect light into the eyes.
Lions have round pupils instead of vertical slits, as are found in domestic cats. The vertical slits make an animal better able to focus sharply on small prey for example. They do not see color but maybe they see things a bit clearer then us after all?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nanofasa på Vestkant torget

Hei alle sammen=) 

På lørdag skal jeg igjen selge unna en masse flotte designer klær som har samlet seg opp igjennom årene jeg har jobbet som modell. Jeg selger til inntekt for Nanofasa Natur Reservatet som jeg skal starte i Namibia. Så møt opp på Vestkant torget på lørdag, hvis du vil være med på å støtte Namibias natur, dyreliv og kultur mangfold. Jeg selger også smykker som er laget av San folket, men det er ikke mange.. så hvis du vil ha må du skynde deg;) Husk alle kan være den forandringen man ønsker å se i verden. Ha en inspirerende dag!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Back from the bush

And I'm back from my bush adventure. An adventure towards new beginnings, an adventure towards conservation of the untouched, and the adventure of creating. I have listened to silence, I have felt the vibrations of the wind, I have seen the fight between winter and summer, I have seen the elephants move across the ground like a drummer. I have felt small, I have felt tall, I have felt the sand burn through my sole. But most of all I have felt at peace and apart of something whole.