Monday, August 13, 2012

Support the city animals

The Giraffe is a highly specialized animal
· Giraffe have 7 neck vertebras, the same as all other mammals. For an adult each vertebra can be as long a 1 foot in length.
·When running they are capable of reaching speeds of up to 55km/hour.
·Just like humans, giraffe have 32 teeth in total

Their tongue which can vary in length from 45-53 cm helps them pluck tasty morsels from thorny branches. 
and etc and etc.
So off course when i encountered this street musician, then I had to assume that this guy too must be a specialized guy since he had chosen to dress up as a giraffe. And he was.. He could play the drums, the guitar, the harmonica, walk and sing all at the same time. So please guys! When encountering these rare species in the city you must give them of your time. They are after all not spotted everyday!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rock it and wrap it

This fall will be rockin' if you keep up with the scarf wrapping. 
Photo: Isabel Watson
Styling: Petra Middelthon
Elle Magazine


We always want what we can't have
We always want what we don't have
We miss what is no longer
when we are weak, we envy the stronger
We search for something
when we have nothing
We shout
when no one can hear us
We get bored
we dream of becoming king or lord.
we waste
we regret
we recreate
But what about sustaining what is now
Before it is too late.
If you miss nature, animals and the touch of toes on sand
and you find comfort in a hippo made of chocolate
and a monkey made of something iced
Then its time to take stand
Cause we have all been hypnotized.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Buy it here!

Many people have asked me where they can buy the scarfs in Norway. Below you will find the places in Norway where you can buy the scarfs :
Oslo: Svean , Tatler, Fine ting på Byporten , Ferner Jacobsen, Høyer Eger og Benedicte Ferner.
Outside oslo:



ane blich house

HønefossFru hagen
JessheimFrøken pedersen
KristiansandOlivias hus
stavangercapone stavanger
Sandnescapone kilden

capone madla

capone kvadrat
TrondheimCornelias hus

Monday, August 6, 2012

Scarfs off course

The scarfs are out in stores in Norway! Follow the link if you speak norwegian and read more about the cooperation between Holzweiler and myself. The moment of fashion meets nature is now!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


 Zoo YOU,  I say
Everyday kids of all ages are brought to a zoo either with their parents or with their school. Too have a fun and entertaining experience. A zoo is after all classified as an amusement park. Haha
I acknowledge that there are several positive aspects of a Zoo, yes they are supposed to be educational, but in our world today you can learn about all animal species on Nat geo Wild or on the internet.. you do not have to look at a live version to learn. Then there is the claimed aspect that zoo's contribute to conserving the specie diversity, but would it not also work to just let them be. Two snow leopards in the Paris Zoo is not ensuring anything at all other then recreating the idea of a live museum.
We as people are consumers, that means that we belong in the ecosystem of the world. But at some point we excluded ourselves from the ecosystem and we started to control it. Smart move right!?
The tradition of exhibiting people of color in Western societies has existed since the earliest encounters between Europeans and indigenous populations in the New World and in Africa. Columbus brought several Arawaks to Queen Isabella's court, where one of them remained on display for two years. Exhibiting non-white bodies as a popular practice reached its apogee in the nineteenth century in both Europe and in USA when freak shows--the exhibition of native peoples for public entertainment in circuses, zoos, and museums--became fairly common. But then we stopped doing that.. Why? Because we realized it was wrong. So my question is how long will it take before we realize that zoos are wrong too and that animals should be left where they belong in their natural habitat or protected reserves, where they can live free from kids banging on windows,. ONe more little reality check for today: When guys in prison movies play basketball it is not because they necessarily love basket ball. But what would you do? SO when a clouded leopard is pacing up and down it is not because he is running laps for the fun of it. But! What would you do inside a glass box? Im not saying zoos are all bad, but teach your children that this is not the way animals normally live and that they would be much happier in the wild. Because it is the responsibility of grownups to teach their kids what is worth fighting for and what is not. If this made sense great. if not Zoo You