Thursday, March 14, 2013

Det NYE Interview

Its always a funny thing to get these cover reminders from the modern world, when you are sitting in the bush with fumbled hair, dirty hands and feet.

The concept of help for self-help

The consept of help for selfhelp.

Now what does this phrase mean, and how do we use it?
When you hear the sentence spelled out slow, you start thinking oh yes help for selfhelp is when you help someone to help themselves. This is the logic way of thinking it and I also think that that was the initial idea of the sentence.
But like most books and movies, politics and religions they can all be intrepeted in different ways and end up with a million different meanings and explainations.
Why is it that we always step away from what was intended. If love and hate is the components in a relationship. Why do we step away from love when we hate, and the other way around?
Why do we party and celebrate, when our life is falling to pieces?
Why do we call up friends to talk about their problems, instead of dealing with our own. Why do we twist and turn sentences, books, scenarioes and weather to something else then the actual origin?

DO we fear death just because it is a truth we cannot twist or escape?
So help for selfhelp like i mentioned originally means  giving help so that someone can help them self. But now my question is today with all the outreach, and campaigns against or for the one or the other. Is the helper actually helping only others or are they also helping themselves?
And if so then it would be a mending of truth to call yourself a provider of help for selfhelp for someone, when you are also giving help for selfhelp to yourself.
Would that not be reaching out to be reached?
And would that not open more roads to knowledge by acknowledging that we all need more input and ”help” and nurturing and challanges to grow greater. Hell maybe we even open our eyes to how great we can be together on a global level.
But i guess we do not need to be great because in the single minded perception we  are already all of that.
But does that perception not make us even smaller?