Friday, July 6, 2012

What if animals ruled the world

What if animals ruled the world?
Would they design jackets made of fur?
Or cut the hair of humans off to make a jacket?
Would they make ashtrays out of our hands and feet or skin to make a leather pocket.
Would they fight cold and hard without admitting defeat.
If animals ruled the world
would they eat with a fork and knife
would they marry or divorce their wife
would they watch tv or lay on the beach
would they care if their ice tea was lemon or peach.
If animals ruled the world
Would we maybe then see
How things can just be!
There would like now be big and strong
so what makes the difference
what went wrong?
It will all run smoothly if we all agree
that You are you and I am me
Animals would rule the world
With ups and downs
highs and low
fast and slow
just like they live now in this natures symphony song
They do not have to rule the world
as long as we all see that
All and everything belong.

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