Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Like- Attending- Maybe- Its complicated.

Like- Attending- Maybe- Its complicated.

Lets jump into the great world of Facebook. Where everybody is happy and and attending, or maybe not, or maybe its just complicated. well anyways none of these people are real, but the stories below happen everyday. 

Bella posts a picture of herself  in front of the Eiffel tower. I like, you like, we all like, but no one asks her about her trip to Paris when she returns.

Steven is hosting a birthday dinner for his friends, he has to now buy food for his guests, but they are all listed as maybe attending.

NO one showed up to his b-day party because rhianna came to a club where all his friends chose to be attending.

Peter posted a little something along the lines of: 150 children died of hunger..155 people liked this. What ?? 

Catrine sends everyone of her friends a message every day regarding a petition to sign for animals, a petition for equal rights, a petition for no fur. Meanwhile when she logs off Facebook she puts on her fur jacket, puts her dog in her handbag, and talks down on cab drivers. 

Lia thought she loved Martin, but after all the posts that he puts up on facebook where he is taking pictures of the food that he is making, she is having second thoughts and no its officially complicated.. whatever that means.

Paul has not travelled for years, bu ton facebook it looks like he travels all the time. Do you now how much time paul spend looking through old photos that can make his life seem more interesting on facebook?

Tina is so angry at the world because no one saves the Rhinos. SO Tina writes a comment everyday that goes a long the lines of: Why is people killing the rhino, why is nobody doing anything. 11 people liked this and 500 rhino still died. Tina still has an angry status.

So I like, you like, we all like. But animals are still dying, people are still fighting, kids are still fighting hunger even if you press like,  furs are still being produced, people  are still celebrating their birthdays alone because you did not respond to the event, people are the most active on social  media, but statistics have shown that people have never been as lonely as now. tell someone in person that you like their stuff, or that you like them. Help someone, carry something for someone,  send someone a card that you wrote and not just a e-card that someone else produced. Give someone a hug instead of poking them on Facebook. I promise you will LIKE  it more.


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