Sunday, June 3, 2012

Where is our lion heart?

We sit with the whole world in our hands. We can choose to watch the mess, walk away or clean up. SO my question is where did our lion heart go? Through art, through literature, through symbolism and representations on flags and national emblems, lions have a universality that appeals regardless of culture, race, and national origin. 

Lions represent hope and future, courage and strength, royalty and power. They makes us feel humble and strong.   They show us how social bonds can keep us alive. And as they cross the savanna they tell stories of a neighborhood where there are no good or bad neighbors.They lift a paw and drop it down. like the sun goes up and as the sun goes down. they show us balance, happiness, challenge and fall. now we as people leave them with a sore. Did we forget how powerful they roar? Have fun that day when you go on safari and say; we saw no lions, no leopards, no cheetahs, elephants or anything that day.!!!

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