Monday, June 25, 2012

The power of black

Black is considered by fashion magazine as something safe and elegant to wear. It is said that the black dress can never go wrong and that a black tie event is something formal and fantastic. But the non-color black carries all kinds of stories. Scary mafia men wears black, the people who are rock and roll wears black, goths and so-called "emo" people wear black.Black symbolizes death in some cultures. Native Americans thought black was good because it was the color of soil, which gives life. Black conceals and white reveals. Black is seen as a restful emptiness into which anything may emerge and disappear once again. It is also mysterious, providing a sense of potential and possibility. So why does the cheetah and so many other species, have these black tear marks or markings on their face? And what did American football players learn from the animal kingdom? Black is a color that absorbs light, so black markings in the facial area will work as sunglasses even at the sunniest hour of the day. Scared of being blinded by the sun? Put on something black and go for a run!

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