Monday, June 25, 2012

Track me down?

 Can you track me down?
I believe that one of the main purposes of man and all living things is to leave tracks..
Tracks that tell stories of experience, challenge, love, hate, support, adventure, resistance, hesitance,
How fast we moved or how slow we walked. When we stopped to rest and then we carried on. When we asked for help and when we chose our own path. In Africa you leave visual prints as though the story of your feet or paws are the most important thing and the only thing that can remove them is if other stories crossed over them, if the day turned into night, or the rain washed them away. In the city on the other hand you have pavement ground, a ground that does not want to read your stories, a ground that tells you that you are one of many and that no one will ever notice that you walked there. Only if you step into a puddle and your shoes get wet, then you will leave a brief track before it dries out again. But leaving tracks and not leaving tracks is both two very important things. It does not matter if your tracks are visual or not, what is important is that we all leave tracks on the pathway of life.
It is up to you to decide if you want them to disappear, or if you want someone to fill and follow your tracks. If you want to live in a group, pride, alone or in a couple. My track is green!! That is what I know today.

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