Sunday, August 4, 2013

Buffalo, Buffalo shoes or Buffalo thorn

We are not talking about the Buffalo today !

 Or                                        The crazy 90's trend that was buffalo shoes!
You know what a buffalo is, and your probably do not want to admit it but you know what buffalo shoes are too. But What is more interesting, what is a Buffalo thorn? The Khoi san people are the sustainers of ecosystems. They treat everything so that it can last, they know 400-500 local plants and their usages. They know what to eat to not only provide a balanced nutrition, but also how to find moisture from roots even in time of drought. They have knowledge about a range of plants that can help cure wounds, snake bites, colds, stomach ache, tooth ache or headache, and also more serious infections like malaria.. The buffalo thorn a tree, where the berries and leafs is used to cure phemonia and a hurting stomach. They also believe that it is safe to shelter under a buffalo thorn during a thunderstorm, as protection from lightning.
The leaves are edible, and can be cooked into tasty spinach; the fruit are also very nutritional, though not very tasty. The leaves can be used as an aphrodisiac, either by being chewed or used in dishes. During the Anglo-Boer war the stones in the berries were roasted and ground as a substitute for coffee. A beer can be made from the fruit. A porridge can be made from the roots
The Buffalo Thorn also has other medicinal properties, an extract of the roots is given as a painkiller and a solution of the bark and leaves in water is used for chest complaints. Conclusion: It is so cool how much we can learn from each other across boarders and cultures! We can all see that a tree is a tree, but to discover that they all have usages, purposes & names makes it quite different. A tree is more difficult to walk passed.. when you know its name...! 

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