Sunday, August 4, 2013


Give me 5.. seconds of you time. There is many ways of making a difference. Some are big and some are small, some of them you might not even notice at all!
One thing can be to support a charity of your choice,
one can be to start a football team for girls and boys.
One can be to give love, ask someone about their day, or just to listen to what someone have say.
The easiest thing you can do is to give a little from what you are saving
on Not buying all the things that you are CRAVING. If you decide to start giving, then that does not mean that you have to stop living. Here are some examples.

If you and some friends are buying pizzas to enjoy whilst watching a movie. Then instead of buying 3 large pizzas that cost 220 NOK per pizza. Then rather make it a fun thing where you buy ingredients and make the pizzas yourself and only pay around 250 NOK total to make three pizzas.

Skip a latte for lions! One cafe latte is about 6 $ and if you drink two a day for a whole year then that is 4380 $ a year. Now if you buy one of those take away cups they cost about 5 dollars and that cup can last you all year. Out of one milk carton that cost 3,5 $ you can at least make four Cafe lattes, and out of one bag of coffee you can probably make at least 50 espresso shots. Imagine how much money you can save, that you can use to help other people, animals, and natural areas by not giving something up, but just making it yourself.

We all scream for ice cream at least 150 days a year. But scream for one ice-cream  and save the money for the other two. That will save you about 2000 $ in the summer spring /summer season.
All of the money you save can be enough to not only help save something whether its animals, culture, natural areas or people, but it can also leave you with enough money to travel and visit the places you have helped conserve. Thats pretty cool right? If you want advice on how you can make a change without giving up any good life perks then feel free to contact Nanofasa
A little giving a day keeps the doctor away!

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