Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Which baboon is human?

There are a number of genetic and physiological similarities between baboons and humans. It includes organ sizes, presence of menopause, and structures of major tissues. Like humans, baboons respond to stress through the release of stress hormones, and these two groups have about 95 percent genetic similarity. Because of such traits, baboons have been used to study obesity, heart disease, epilepsy, and other human diseases. A baboon liver has even been transplanted into a human.
Nonetheless, the gulf between humans and baboons is immense, as people exhibit complex languages, complex technologies, and complex social behaviors as religion and politics. Baboons however practice a sort of mafia system amongst them selves where a group of dominant males are the rules and protecters with a bunch of ladies flocking around them. So I guess thats Why people enjoy watching baboon documentaries on Animal Planet as much as they enjoy watching the God father. 

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