Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ching lee or is it me?

Ching lee or is it me? It's funny in our world today.
How we can be who we want to be
Look like GaGA or Marvin Gaye
We can cut our hair
or color it
or open up a fake hair kit
We can extend
or shrink
Because today it is about what everyone else think
We are the masters of transformation
Either it is for image or reputation
But when did we all decide
that being ourselves is like
a fashion that died
That we can be whatever and wear whatever
is off course something cool
But never forget that boy or girl that had their first day at school.
Before the voices on the outside had a say
when your voice was the strongest
An animals is born and remains that animal in a confident way
So why should we care what other people say?

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