Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The capture Trend

1 2 3 and smile!!! and click... Most people today owns camera of some kind, either the real thing or a cellphone device and we are all running around trying to capture something. And when we do capture, we hold in a holing device and then we release or reintroduce our capturing of the day either on Instagram or Facebook or maybe even a blog. Now my question is: What is it that we are so desperate to capture? Are we scared that everything that is now might disappear very soon? Like one fashion season is exchanged with the next one. And if this is the case why are we only taking pictures of all the beautiful things, and not trying to put our heads& images together and start to conserve all the fading shades before they are all gone? you will only find a limited amount of filters on instagram, and if the green is gone then even that app is going to struggle to make your photo look awesome !
Just something to think about before we all go out and start out daily photo capture and release project.

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