Friday, June 24, 2011

Elle Magazine summer party- How to dress eco..

How to dress for a fashion event in an eco friendly way:
1. Wear as little makeup as possible a little eye shadow and brown colored mascara is enough. For facial glow you can apply a little bronzing powder from Guarlain, but make sure it matches the color of the rest of you body
2. Wear a Bindi between your eyebrows for a culture inspired look
3. Let your hair dry naturally to get the earthy natural flow and glow.
4. If you are wearing clothes from a designer, choose clothes from Stella McCartney as she only uses organic material and fabrics and is against fur.
5. Wear jewelry made by rural villages, to support their life and living and contribute to their sustainability. (in this case ostrich egg bracelets made by the San People in Namibia)
 Always go for comfortable clothes if you want to have a natural organic look. You will never see animals in nature wearing a skin or fur that is too tight.

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